Heidi provides permanent cosmetic and piercing services here at K Bella! She started as a long-time client of K Bella owner, Kristan Sayers, and a close friend to K Bella’s first permanent makeup artist, Danielle Hawes. Heidi spent many hours observing Danielle perform permanent cosmetic procedures and has even had a few done herself. Because of this, she decided to join the world of permanent cosmetics and received her training from Danielle, a pioneer in the field. In addition to cosmetics, she is also available for piercing services! Heidi tries to gain as much knowledge about her profession as she can, to make sure that you receive the highest quality service.

Outside of the salon, Heidi works as a nurse, a field in which she has been in for over 15 years. When she isn’t in her scrubs, she enjoys spending time with her family and working on DIY projects. Heidi’s goal is to make her clients feel and look their best every time they wake up in the morning. She is excited to begin her next chapter as part of the K Bella family!

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