January 2015

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How Long Should I Keep My Makeup?

Are you like me? Someone whom for years has held on to the perfect shades of eyeshadows, or lipsticks? Well, when I found the following information, I was surprised and a little bit grossed out that I kept those perfect shades as long as I did.… View More

Sports Massage Therapy Customized to Fit Your Active Lifestyle

I used to believe that getting a professional massage was something that men and women did to feel pampered or spoiled once in a while. Our massage therapists would smack me if she heard me say that out loud, but I know better now.… View More

A Sweet Message from Our Front Desk

The New Year holiday typically reminds us to set goals and renew our mind frames so that life may be just a little easier for the months to come. We do our best to please our amazing guests and to make your beauty experience an enjoyable one.… View More

Stress Relieving Treatments - An Ultimate Fix For The Chronically Tense

The Stress Relieving Treatment is the ultimate fix for the chronically tense. It is 60 blissful minutes of head-to-toe relaxation massage combined with heat therapy, aromatherapy and a relaxing facial.… View More