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Fact or Fiction?

There are so many beauty myths, some reasonable and some ridiculous, that I felt it was time we set the record straight. I have consulted my beauty expert colleagues at K Bella to come up with the… View More


Hair Styling Trends, Now and Then

Fall is here. The air is crisp, slowly changing the leaves into an array of warm colors, which reminds us of apple cider, warm doughnuts, football…blah, blah, blah.  New fall… View More


Hoarding…Buried Alive

OK, relax. I am not really a hoarder, and I will not be appearing with a psychologist on cable TV.  I just thought it may spark your interest enough to read on.  After all, who can resist a good… View More


Hot Tools 101

My clients are frequently asking me what kind of styling tools they should be using at home. Well, there are plenty of fish in the sea, so I will help guide you toward a good purchase whether it… View More


Take baby steps into “going green” and becoming a label reader

We will be bringing you tidbits every week to keep you informed, or just humored, on the subject of health and beauty. Our first topic is kind of a big deal, so we thought it would be… View More


As seen on TV - what would my hairdresser say?

It all began with a Facebook post from the owner of the salon, Kristan. It was a link to watch the video for the Air Curler. All of us K Bella… View More