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Will a Perm give me the hairstyle I’m looking for?

This is a question so many women ask themselves when they’re tired of their hair not cooperating. They end up spending way more time than they have trying to get the look they want. In the age of “instant everything” most women believe that in order to get curly hair, a perm MUST be the answer.

As a stylist who started her career in the late 80’s, when anyone willing to carry a pick in their pocket got a perm, it seems like the perfect solution.  However, this perfect solution may not be such a simple decision after all. Most photos you see on Instagram, Facebook, and yes… in magazines, are choreographed styles that were created with curling irons, flat irons and sometimes just natural god-given curl.  They fool people into thinking the models washed their hair and it magically dried that way.  With beach type curls and waves still very popular, I do many more perm consults today than I did 3 years ago. Nearly 1 out of every 10 consultations I do, the client discovers that they don’t really need a perm because they have much more natural wave than they thought OR they learn that restructuring their current hair texture would actually bring them more frustration than before.  

So….what should you do if you are considering a perm? Book a consultation!

It may be as simple as a styling lesson to figure out new ways to achieve the look and fullness you want. You may only need some extra layers to your existing cut or you may discover adding color or highlights will do the trick. We could also determine you would be the right candidate for a permanent wave, but a consultation with one of our experienced professional stylists will be the best way to help you decide!

About the Author

  • Lorri Brown

    Lorri is fantastic with all different kinds of hair services. She is especially talented at bobs and styles that require precise line cutting, her techniques will make you look perfect from every angle.