As seen on TV - what would my hairdresser say?

It all began with a Facebook post from the owner of the salon, Kristan. It was a link to watch the video for the Air Curler. All of us K Bella gals began commenting on how CRAZY ridiculous we thought the product was. I admit to laughing out loud while watching the video…for those of you who don’t know me, I have no sense of humor, I laugh at little. Then I had what Oprah refers to as a “light bulb moment”… What if my clients believe that this is actually a good idea? Don’t get me wrong, I wish the inventors of this product a successful and fruitful future. However, I am not contributing to the cause. Let me enlighten you on some of the products this hairdresser would certainly not even recommend to my enemies (well, let me think about that… no I’m just kidding… no wait…).

I must start with the Air Curler, a personal favorite. Technically speaking, it may just work. After all, you take the heat and a circular motion to the hair and it makes sense that you would create a curl. Besides, it shows it working on the commercial so it must be true, right? Work or not, the first poor soul who creates a dreadlock from the tornado movement this creates, will prove my theory right (not a wise purchase, my friends). Plug your curling iron in, pack your patience and curl your hair, please. I guarantee the curls will look better with your iron than in the ad anyway.

My next fantastic find is the Robocut. It is one of those vacuum hair cutting tools that you may have thought was a myth. No myth, this is the real deal. ”Give yourself the perfect cut, even with your eyes closed”, they exclaim. So not only are they suggesting that a home haircut is a good idea, but that it is ok to not even pay attention during execution. GENIUS. There are these people who go to school to actually study the science and art of hair and are licensed…hairdressers, go see them for your cut (well a good one, anyway).

I also spotted some interesting health and beauty products not associated with hair that tickled my fancy (still going with the sarcasm). I found both a nail fungus and shingles remedy, both which came in a bottle that appeared as an oil or something similar. I am no M.D., but if you have foot fungus or the shingles, quit the search online and call your doctor for goodness sake. Looking for the perfect summer glow for your skin?..consider The Sunless Situation, Tanning Spray, inspired by America’s sweetheart (The Situation). I am pretty fair skinned, ok I’m see-through, and I can imagine that I would turn out as a hard-boiled Easter egg dipped in orange food coloring. To sum up, on the negative side, I would ask you to use common sense as well as asking a professional. You may just save your money for something really great like a new curling iron, a great haircut at a SALON, a trip to the doctors, or a spray tan from a professional.

There were a few products that I thought could be useful to you at home, however (no sarcasm this time). I like the idea of the little bun gadget that helps you achieve a great looking bun updo. I happen to love the bun look, and they are definitely an “in” style at the moment, not just for ballerinas. I also enjoy the Turbie Twist. It is a little wrap for your wet hair that looks rather pleasant compared to the 5-pound towel I wrap around my head after my shower. I came across the Roll-N-Go cosmetic bag that I recollect from the commercial years ago. I feel that product may be a great travel companion for a trip out of town or to keep organized in your own home. Again, I would like to say that not all of the products you “see on TV” are a bad idea, but you should use good judgment and the advice of the experts. I will even admit to purchasing an Item from TV, yes it’s true. I bought the Cake Pop baking sheets for my son, who at that time was obsessed with cake pops (it is so hard to say no to that handsome face). Honestly, the product does work well and I do love cake, a lot. So, it all worked out.

Happy Shopping, and Have a Beautiful Week!

Heidi Marie Paule

Heidi is one of our beautiful makeup artists and hairstylists! With over 20 years of experience to offer, Heidi is someone who gives 100% of herself to her clients. She says that one of her favorite things about her profession is socializing with her clients while making them feel good about themselves with a fun and fabulous new “look"!

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