Award-Winning Massage Therapy

If these winter months are stressing you out, it’s time to book a massage with our incredible massage therapists.

When most people think of a massage, they think of a great gift for mother’s day or a special treat for a birthday, but there are so many more reasons a massage could help your overall health. No matter what your needs, there is a massage tailored specifically for you.

If you are an active person, the sports therapy massage is meant for you! A sports massage helps treat and prevent injuries. It helps to improve your range of movement, flexibility, and any muscle swelling or tension. By helping to improve your flexibility, there is less of a chance of muscle tears or soreness. Getting a routine massage will help to prevent any injuries that may happen during physical activity.

­­If you have a condition that causes pain in the muscles, we have massages for you as well! If you have Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel, Herniated Discs, Scoliosis, TMJ, Whiplash, or general back/neck/shoulder pain, massage can help to relieve your symptoms. We have three types of massage that target specific pain: Myo-fascial Release Therapy, Neuro-Muscular Therapy, and Temporomandibular Join Dysfunction (TMJ). We can help you decide which one would be most beneficial for you!

We also offer a massage made especially for our clients who are expecting a new bundle of joy! Our Pregnancy Massage helps to relieve any discomfort that comes with carrying a new life. This massage helps to increase blood circulation, stabilize hormone levels, maintaining good posture, and remedy any common discomforts relating to pregnancy. (NOTE: Please do NOT book a massage if you are in your FIRST trimester!)

Finally, if you are new to massage therapy or just want to relax after a stressful week, the Swedish massage or Warm Stone Aromatherapy may be right for you. These massages feature long, firm strokes along your back, shoulders, arms, and legs. You can melt away the tension with the hot stones and focus on relaxation. Our massage therapists can help you best decide which massage would fit your needs the best.

Did you know we were voted "Best Massage in Livingston County" in the 2016 Livingston Daily Press & Argus People's Choice Awards? You're in great hands! Call K Bella today at 1-810-360-0915 to book your personalized massage.

Kristan Sayers

Kristan is an International Design Artist with Neuma, and the owner of K Bella Hair Studio & Spa. She opened K Bella in 2009, where she also began her own Academy Program training students to become licensed cosmetologists. In 2016 she became the State Representative for licensing regulations to help watch for legislative changes that could hurt the beauty industry. Kristan is also known for working with salons to help them grow and train their hairdressers and guiding them in everything from salon design to training programs for salon owners and managers.

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