Beat The Frizzy Hair Blues This Summer With Biomega

Frizzy hair can give any girl the summer blues.

When people think of summer, many imagine being on a beach or a boat sipping on their favorite cocktail. They think of the sun shining and spending a lot of time outdoors. Summer always seems so wonderful until you remember the hot and humid weather leaves you with frizzy hair that can’t be tamed. If you ever experience this problem in the summer months, it’s time you start using Biomega products.

Biomega has numerous products that can help with any hair issue you may have, but their most popular lines include the Silk shampoo/conditioner, Behave smoothing elixir, and the Glow sheer shine spray. All of these products are great to help you tame your frizzy hair by making it smooth and shiny!

Silk shampoo and conditioner is the first step to fully gaining control over your curls.

This shampoo seals the cuticle of your hair in order to eliminate frizz and static flyaway. It helps to detangle and smooth curly, coarse hair. Silk infuses your hair with Mango Seed Butter and Omega-rich Macadamia Nut Oil. It also contains no sulfates, parabens, gluten, or sodium-chloride so you don’t need to worry about any harmful chemicals!

After you use the Silk shampoo, you should style your hair using Behave smoothing elixir. Behave protects against thermal damage and UV light to make sure your color stays vibrant and your hair doesn’t look damaged. This smoothing elixir is infused with Omega-rich emollients and Keratin Amino Acids, which is how you’re able to smooth your hair without it going flat!

Finally, in order to get the best shine, you should finish with Glow!

This is an ultra-light shine spray that instantly gives you healthy-looking and conditioned hair. It is a mist that fights frizz and protects against the effects of humidity. Also, with the UV protection it has, you can be sure your hair color won’t fade in the summer sun. If you are looking forward to summer activities without the frizzy hair that comes with it, make sure you pick up Biomega’s Silk shampoo, Behave smoothing elixir, and Glow sheer shine spray today!

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Author: Kristan Sayers

K Bella was started by Kristan in 2009. Her artistic talents include all aspects of hair, but she specializes in extremely thin or thick hair with her precise hair cutting techniques, one-of-a-kind color applications, and all forms of hair extensions, including Fusion, Micro Links, NBR, and Habit Hand Tied.

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