De-Mineralize Your Hair!

Unpredictable results can occur due to the presence of foreign deposits found internally and externally in hair. The accumulation of medications, chemicals, and minerals added to drinking water, algaecides and chemicals used in swimming pools and spas can be trapped or lodged in the hair shaft. Their presence can give your hair a red or warm tone. This can affect every chemical service you get in the salon. Without proper treatment, the following can happen:

  • Discoloration or uneven deposit of hair color, hair may turn green and ashy from silver and algaecides, purple or muddy from lead, turn pink from iron or medicated shampoo, hot or even smoke from home dyes or metallic salts.
  • Poor grey coverage from an excessive build-up of styling products or oil, makeup, and moisturizers built up around the hairline.
  • Hair color fading from failure to remove build-up externally and rapid oxidation and chemical reaction to minerals internally.
  • Brassy Blondes from improper oxidation due to the interference of minerals internally, discoloration due to minerals left in hair, and uneven lifting through-out the hair shaft due to mineral deposits

What can K Bella do to help?

We offer many solutions to the oxidation of your hair that destroys its color and feel. Your stylist will be the best person to decide on your treatment plan. You could need protein, moisture, color remover, or a demineralizer! We have a quick fix that can remove most of this build up in less than 10 min and also our favorite Malibu Original formula that will take 30 to 45 min. This method will rid everything from the hair and make your color take more even and vibrant or maybe you're getting a smoothing treatment, it will take better than ever before. Every chemical process will take better with a Malibu treatment. We also recommend taking home our purify shampoo to use once a week to keep your hair fresh and resilient. Then because you are stripping the bad out of the hair, you need to put good back into the hair - we advise using a leave-in moisturizing conditioner and a protein-based product.

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Kristan Sayers

Kristan is an International Design Artist with Neuma, and the owner of K Bella Hair Studio & Spa. She opened K Bella in 2009, where she also began her own Academy Program training students to become licensed cosmetologists. In 2016 she became the State Representative for licensing regulations to help watch for legislative changes that could hurt the beauty industry. Kristan is also known for working with salons to help them grow and train their hairdressers and guiding them in everything from salon design to training programs for salon owners and managers.

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