Debunking the myths of Brazilian waxes... Isn't it time we got you smooth?

Intimate waxing can be a scary thought to some women.

We’ve all heard or read countless horror stories of Brazilian waxes gone wrong. However, you rarely hear how such experiences can be avoided aside from the obvious, "DONT EVER GET THAT DONE!" I have specialized in Brazilian waxes since 2011. You may wonder, “Why would anyone want to specialize in that?” Well, to be completely honest, when I was in school I was one of the few students who weren't afraid or uncomfortable performing such services, so of course, word got out and I was booked for most of the intimate waxing.

With experience comes speed and over time I went from one hour to an average of 15 minutes to perform Brazilian waxes while remaining meticulous. A 15-minute Brazilian is appealing to those who have waxes regularly, however, for first timers it can be nerve-wracking. I will remove hair at whatever pace my client is comfortable with. I have found that most clients that are new to Brazilian waxing, can handle more than they expected after the initial shock has passed. I would like to share with you my list of pre-wax preparations. Also listed are the advantages, some potential disadvantages and how to avoid or treat them.

Pre-Waxing Preparation:

  • Avoid UV rays for 24 hours prior to the wax as it may thin the skin.
  • Gently exfoliate the area to be waxed 24 hours before the waxing service. i.e. using a washcloth in the shower.
  • Ask your doctor if it is safe to wax if you are pregnant.
  • Grow hair at least ¼ inch, (about a rice grain in length) Hair exceeding ½ inch may require trimming prior to your appointment.


  • Smooth hairless skin for 4-6 weeks.
  • Complete removal of unwanted hair.
  • Over time hair will become lighter, finer, and sparser.
  • Pain will lessen with each regular waxing appointment.

Disadvantages and How to Avoid or Treat:

Histamine reactions - temporary red itchy bumps are common after body waxing. Using Finipil post wax on the affected area can relieve bumps, redness, and itching. (You can purchase Finipil at the salon)

Bruising - those with sensitive or thin skin are more likely to experience bruising (I’m one of them). Luckily, bruising generally disappears after 24-48 hours. Also, remaining still and not pulling away from the wax strip will decrease your chances of bruising.

Ingrown hairs - it is important to remember that after waxing your follicles are completely empty and skin grows easier over empty follicles than follicles than contain even very short hair like they would after shaving. Regular gentle exfoliation and use of Finipil keeps skin soft and prevent it from locking new hair down beneath the surface of the skin.

Pain - taking Motrin prior to waxing can ease pain during and after; pain will lessen with each regular waxing service as the hair follicles become weaker. For nervous first-timers, starting with a bikini wax is a good way to ease into a full Brazilian.

Awkwardness - please keep in mind this is my job, I do this every day and will do all I can to make you feel comfortable!

Hair grows back darker and thicker - MYTH! When waxing, the hair is completely removed from the follicle! Over time this will weaken the follicle and cause slower hair growth.

Risk of infection - I have read about extreme cases where people have claimed they got an infection from Brazilian waxing. The only way I can see this happening is as follows:

  • The infection was already present but was not noticed until after the wax was performed; and/or
  • The skin was broken during the wax, probably due to thin skin from UV exposure or excessive exfoliation. Using Finipil (antibacterial post waxing lotion) keeps broken skin free of bacteria; and/or
  • The technician was irresponsible i.e. did not wear gloves while performing the service, used contaminated applicators, or used contaminated wax. (This is why it is extremely important to be sure you are visiting a responsible technician, who uses antimicrobial wax and sanitary applicators.)

Please keep in mind that your waxing technician is only involved in your waxing experience for a short amount of time. It is your responsibility to properly prepare your skin; pre-wax, and to care for your skin; post-wax.

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