Good, Fast, or Cheap. Pick 2.

I once saw this sign and have never forgotten it. Just like many of you, I am a Facebooker. I even belong to some buy/sell groups, mom2mom, groups, and general advice groups in our local area. One thing that I see over and over and drives me crazy is this post:

"In search of a car mechanic/lawyer/hair stylist who will do a great job but is cheap. Thanks in advance!"

Are you thinking of that sign now too? In my 40 years, the shortcut has never worked out. I've also learned the saying that "you get what you pay for" is true as well.

I know I wouldn't want my brake job to be someone's first brake job. I have no idea about the cost of law school but I do know that I would never choose a lawyer because he went to the cheapest law school they could find. And I definitely would want my hair stylist to understand the color wheel and preserving the integrity of my hair while using bleach.

Are you with me? This is how I read that same ad:

"I am looking for a skilled person that has spent thousands of dollars and years in school perfecting your craft, can you please drop everything and come help me, but please don't cut any corners, oh and only charge me a fraction of the going rate for your service? Thanks in advance!"

Does that make sense to you? Me either. Now let me share some salon insider info I have...

Let me tell you what costs more than having your hair professionally colored, having your hair color professionally corrected, which we offer at K Bella. We also fix discount haircuts and can sell you professional products that are great for your hair. We will show you how to use them so you have great hair days, every day! We have experience, artistry, knowledge and are the coolest group of chics this side of the Mississippi. So ask yourself, when you are looking for a discount service, WHAT exactly are you getting? This is also why I never skimp on a good razor!

P.S. if you still don't believe me I would personally like to invite you to our parking lot, where you can witness a daily parade of beauties leaving our salon. Then you can call Michelle to make an appointment, (810) 360-0915.

Kristan Sayers

Kristan is an International Design Artist with Neuma, and the owner of K Bella Hair Studio & Spa. She opened K Bella in 2009, where she also began her own Academy Program training students to become licensed cosmetologists. In 2016 she became the State Representative for licensing regulations to help watch for legislative changes that could hurt the beauty industry. Kristan is also known for working with salons to help them grow and train their hairdressers and guiding them in everything from salon design to training programs for salon owners and managers.

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