Hoarding…Buried Alive

OK, relax. I am not really a hoarder, and I will not be appearing with a psychologist on cable TV.  I just thought it may spark your interest enough to read on.  After all, who can resist a good story about garbage and knick-knack collecting.  I just recently moved and was forced to face the task of organizing and ridding my home of unnecessary junk (don’t go reaching for your Kleenex box, I just moved a few miles from my old home and will remain at K Bella).  I believe we should all periodically perform a cleanse, and I don’t mean the kind where you drink juice for a week and have to stay within arms reach of a bathroom. Keeping clean and organized can give you peace of mind and make your life more efficient. I challenge you at home to do a sweep of your beauty items and rid yourself of a little piece of clutter chaos.

In the journey into the deep dark cave of bathroom cupboards, I discovered many ancient artifacts that were dated back many moons ago.  I must admit to some hesitation in tossing these gems, for I thought I should put them in a museum, not the garbage can.  Here is a short list of what I found: 2 tubes of red lipstick, eye-shadow from 2005, mountains of stinky lotions smelling of cupcakes and fresh linen, 5 mini tubes of toothpaste, baby shampoo from when my son was actually a baby, shampoo I would frown upon as a hairdresser, 1 million-ish bobby pins, and cough medicine that wouldn’t even come close to competing with the mutant viruses we catch these days (I should mention they were also expired).  There are many more treasures I have not included on my list, but I will not bore you.  You may be asking yourself why the red lipstick is worth mentioning.  Well, for those of you who know me, I never wear lipstick. When I do, it is NEVER red.

To tackle the issue of makeup, here is an example of shelf lives  that we all should pay attention to…

  • Mascara – 3 months
  • Concealer and liquid foundations – 1 year
  • Eye shadows, powder foundation, and lipstick – 2 years

Another rule of thumb is, if you never use it get rid of it for goodness sake.  All of your other health and beauty products have a shelf life as well.  If I were to generalize I would say that you should keep nothing for more than 2 years.  Some of your items even include an expiration date on them for your convenience.  The more natural the ingredients that go into your shampoos, conditioners and lotions, the quicker they spoil, just like the food in your pantry.

Many of us buy a tube of toothpaste, use it, then buy another… except for my super coupon friends who stock up on a lifetimes worth of toothpaste in a matter of months. I have mixed feelings about this new trend in super shopping.  I commend those of you do it for your dedication to saving money.  This skill takes patience, organization, and good planning.  I, myself am not as thrifty as I should be when it comes to buying groceries.  Therefore, I salute those of you who are.  On the other hand, what the heck are you going to do with a cupboard full of toothpaste?  Toothpaste expires too.  So, yes, you have achieved greatness in the art of stocking for the Armageddon, but if that day doesn’t come, in 2 years you will have to throw away your bounty because it has EXPIRED.  If I am being honest, when I see the big coupon binder in your shopping cart, I don’t come within 10 feet of the checkout isle you are in.  And if by some cruel fate I failed to see your binder as I enter the checkout isle you are in, I curse incessantly to myself as I wait to purchase my 20 items (which will now take 30 minutes).  But really, saving money is commendable, sorry about the rant.

In terms of medication, there will always be an expiration date on the packaging.  It is important to go by this date because expired medication decreases in effectiveness.  Any prescribed face and skin creams or treatments will fall into this category as well.

The moral of the story is, cleaning and organizing your health and beauty supplies, as well as the rest of your home,  is beneficial to your body and mind.  The more we simplify, the more peace we may have.  I have to say what a relief it is to have organized my life through this move.  I sometimes wonder why it took moving homes to spark the Martha Stewart in me (yes, I am also taking more time to properly fold my fitted sheets), but now I have set a goal to do this more often. I wish you luck if you choose to take the challenge. It. Is. Worth. It.

- Have a beautiful Week!

Kristan Sayers

Kristan is an International Design Artist with Neuma, and the owner of K Bella Hair Studio & Spa. She opened K Bella in 2009, where she also began her own Academy Program training students to become licensed cosmetologists. In 2016 she became the State Representative for licensing regulations to help watch for legislative changes that could hurt the beauty industry. Kristan is also known for working with salons to help them grow and train their hairdressers and guiding them in everything from salon design to training programs for salon owners and managers.

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