How Long Should I Keep My Makeup?

Are you like me? whom for years have held on to the perfect shades of eyeshadows, or lipsticks…would I use them oh I used them, but then there’s the everyday lipstick that gets used…you guessed it, Every Day! Then there’s the rest, the rest are the shades you use for special occasions or with special outfits….or certain color apparel. That beautiful glittery silverish eyeshadow that I used in a total of three times in the last..three years, do I wanna throw it away? NOOOO! I wanna hang on to it until a special night out with hubby or until someone else gets married.

So here I am with a huge collection of makeup, I can create a rainbow with it on a blank canvas. Well, the very only reason I cleaned out my make up drawer is that I moved. I usually use this time to really analyze what I use or not use and cut my baggage down to a bare minimum. So I cleaned out the makeup drawer and kept the EVERYDAY stuff, but when I found the following information below, I was surprised and a little bit grossed out that I kept those perfect shades as long as I did.

  • Mascara, throw out every three months.
  • Oil-free foundation ~ 1 year
  • Cream foundation ~1 year
  • Concealer ~ 12-18 months
  • Powder ~ 1 year
  • Blush and Bronzer ~ 18 months
  • Eyeliner ~ 18 months
  • Cream blush ~ 12-18 months
  • Eye Shadow ~ 18 months
  • Liquid eyeliner ~ 6 months
  • Lipgloss/ Lipstick ~ 18 months
  • Lip liner ~ 1 year
  • Nail polish ~ 1 year
  • Cosmetic makeup sponges should be washed after each use and tossed every 2 weeks

So what is a girl to do? I guess this gives us a reason to go shopping!

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