Product Spotlight - Finipil Lait 50

Ffinipil lait 50®, the antiseptic lotion I apply post-facial and body waxing, cools and protects the empty hair follicle between treatments. This miracle lotion is a cooling and soothing antiseptic lotion for application immediately after hair removal treatments and for continued use at home. Anyone that gets waxed regularly should be using this product! If you have a tendency to “pink” up after waxing or have irritation, this will help to alleviate that problem and is a must for those of you with sensitive skin. And, I’m not just talking to you ladies! Men, this is a must-have for use between chest & back waxes, too. The lotion should be used daily on damp skin, helping to keep the skin sanitary and the hair follicles clean and free of foreign matter. finial lait 50® goes hand-in-hand with NuFree®, our amazing self-preserving antibacterial/antimicrobial soy-based product used for hair removal. You can be assured your waxing experience at K Bella will be safe, clean and germ-free. Because NuFree® is not a wax, it never sticks to the skin and is completely botanical, making it safe for the entire body.

In addition, it is proven to help slow hair growth AND helps protect against ingrown hairs. And, no one wants those! finipil lait 50® is not only clinically tested and dermatologist certified, it is also an FDA registered over the counter antiseptic. In addition, it also kills 99.99% of germs and is great anytime you need antibacterial and antimicrobial quality without the dryness of alcohols. A little bit goes a long way so, please don’t overuse this amazing product. For only $19.99, it's a must-have!

Meghan Mueller

Meghan is our enthusiastic Esthetician and one of our amazing nail technicians! In the field of esthetics, Meghan specializes in Brazilian waxing. Her level of experience and education makes any client feel at ease with this intimate service. When it comes to nail art her creative mind can get you ready for any occasion from your wedding day to every holiday.

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