Should Your Hair Be Clean or Dirty Before a Color Service?

To all of our wonderful clients, I would like to offer our answer to the age-old Myth...

"I thought it was best to apply color to 'dirty' hair"?

The truth is... It is best for all types of color services to be applied to "clean" hair, especially all over color! The cleaner the hair shaft, the easier it is for the color molecules to penetrate, and for lighteners, it aids in lifting color.

So, if possible, assist your stylist by cleansing your hair before your color service for the very best results!!  However, be sure not to scratch or irritate your scalp during the cleansing process.  If it's not possible "the day of" your service, just do it the night before and go easy on the product you apply!

Side note: The myth that says... "UP-DO's work best on semi-dirty hair" is absolutely true!!

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Lorri Brown

Lorri is one of our superb hair stylists! She has been in the industry for 30 years. She has had formal training in cities known for their cutting-edge hairstyling, such as Birmingham and Chicago. In addition to being a stylist, she was a salon owner for 8 years in Livingston County.

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