To Perm or Not to Perm?

The infamous PERMS are getting a Retro kick start! If you are one of those people who is considering a “PERM” this information is for you!

A “permanent” wave is not something most clients fully understand. Most people look in fashion magazines or on TV and see the latest “beach wave” look and think to themselves….”oh I can get a body wave and it will look just like that”! Unfortunately, this is not the case. What you are seeing is someone who has had a gentle wave created by any number of hot tools available today, and usually styled by at least one stylist. That said, a body wave can help that style “stay” longer, but it will never look like the sexy, loose waves without work!

As a professional stylist who did 3 perms a day back in the “80”s, I can tell you this…..

Perms are very tricky and can be very harsh and unpredictable. They are not meant to eliminate any or all styling that you normally have to do to your hair! (unless you plan to just carry a hair "pick" in your back pocket! Let's hope that doesn't come back!) However, they can be great if you understand what they are and how they work. True permanent waves are “permanent” even if they weaken or seem to disappear over time. The structure of the hair has been changed until it is cut off. In addition, every step from wrapping to final rinsing can make or break the results!! A “body” wave only means the rods used are very large and the structure of the hair is not as bent as with smaller rods. Making it weaker. If the hair is shoulder length (or longer) and has little to NO layering, the results will not be curly no matter what size rod is used! It will be a kinky S pattern or a very weak S pattern and that is all. Layering is critical if you want to see curl or be able to air dry or “scrunch” your hair. Also, at least 1 to 3 products must be used! (In addition, a dryer with the proper “diffuser” that does not blow the hair at all). That said…..a perm can help those of us with little to no natural movement to our hair. With the proper consultation, styling education and reasonable expectations, a perm can be just what you need!

The key is a full consultation, contact us today!

Lorri Brown

Lorri is one of our superb hair stylists! She has been in the industry for 30 years. She has had formal training in cities known for their cutting-edge hairstyling, such as Birmingham and Chicago. In addition to being a stylist, she was a salon owner for 8 years in Livingston County.

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