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Everyday Beauty - March 18th ($15)

March 18th, 2016 @ 6pm K Bella Hair Studio and Spa

  • Everyday beauty workshop provides the perfect foundation for a beautiful look every day. Starting with learning how to properly treat and prep skin to learning techniques for a flawless look every day.
  • Identify and highlight your best features and learn how to downplay and cover unwanted pigmentation, wrinkles, acne and other skin flaws.
  • Learn to identify your skin tone in order to design a color palette to best enhance your own skin color.
  • Create natural and beautiful looks that take you from an everyday look to a night out on the town.

*We also offer one on one personal makeup lessons, please contact K Bella for more information.

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Heidi Marie Paule

Heidi is one of our beautiful makeup artists and hairstylists! With over 20 years of experience to offer, Heidi is someone who gives 100% of herself to her clients. She says that one of her favorite things about her profession is socializing with her clients while making them feel good about themselves with a fun and fabulous new “look"!

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