Why do girls cry ink?

My 6-year-old daughter asked me the most interesting question:

"Mom, why do girls cry ink?"

I had to think for a second what she was talking about. I started to laugh and told her that was what happened when you wore mascara and cried, that girls don't actually cry ink.

I do eyelash extensions at K Bella Hair Studio and Spa. Although my clients benefit in many ways from lash extensions, I'd never thought of this one before. It is obvious how great they look. Full and long and black. First-time clients are always asking about how they are going to wear their eye makeup after they get their lashes done. Then they all come back with the same answer, "I don't have to wear so much makeup anymore. This is what I look like when I wake up!" One client even told her husband she was saving him money because she didn't want an eye lift any longer. They stand up to hot yoga and kickboxing. Those clients say all that's left after a workout is their lashes.

I've had ladies come in before they give birth. The checklist used to be just toes, but now it's toes and lashes! No mascara to put on or have flaked off.

I never knew before I started doing this how much women hate putting on mascara.

You can swim with them on and don't have to worry about them running or smudging. I always knew they were great for daily life, but my daughter made me realize they are great for special occasions too! Especially an occasion that may get emotional, that you don't want to cry ink at.

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Stephanie Olson

Stephanie started her salon career in 2002 offering an array of nail services including pedicures and reflexology. She was skilled in acrylic extension, nail art, and natural manicures. In 2012, Stephanie decided to add to her service offerings and completed a cosmetology apprenticeship under Kristan Sayers. Along with learning about cutting and color techniques, this is where she took an exceptional interest in lash extensions.

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