Wish Your Punky Hair Color Would Last Longer?

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve had many hairstyles, as I’m sure you have too! My favorite styles though involved bright, vibrant, punky colors including blue, purple, pink, green, and red! The only problem was that these colors always seemed to fade extremely quickly. I would go in for an appointment, come out looking super fabulous only to have the color fade in two weeks. Do you know the struggle? If you can relate, you MUST check out Celeb Luxury’s shampoo/conditioner line, Viral® - now available at K Bella Hair Studio & Spa!

I was skeptical when told that Viral could keep my bright colors from fading in between my haircuts. I felt like I had tried everything under the sun and it was useless at this point. I doubtfully tried Celeb Luxury ® Viral shampoo and conditioner and BOY WAS I WRONG! My color didn’t fade AT ALL during the 6 weeks between appointments. In fact, I think it made my color even brighter than it was in the beginning!

Celeb Luxury® Viral® helps maintain your bold hair color and hydrate it at the same time. Your color intensity will increase when you continuously use the colorwash formula after getting your hair dyed. The Viral® system gives your hair a natural and healthy feel while also being free of harmful chemicals! Celeb Luxury's products are sulfate, paraben, ammonia, peroxide, and PPD free. They are also 100% vegan and not tested on animals.

If you love having bright colors in your hair, Celeb Luxury’s Viral collection is the answer to keeping it look as vibrant as the day you got it done. I promise you will not be disappointed! Ask about Celeb products the next time you stop into K Bella! Don’t ever get depressed over faded hair color again!

More About Celeb Luxury® Viral®

Kristan Sayers

Kristan is an International Design Artist with Neuma, and the owner of K Bella Hair Studio & Spa. She opened K Bella in 2009, where she also began her own Academy Program training students to become licensed cosmetologists. In 2016 she became the State Representative for licensing regulations to help watch for legislative changes that could hurt the beauty industry. Kristan is also known for working with salons to help them grow and train their hairdressers and guiding them in everything from salon design to training programs for salon owners and managers.

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