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Celeb Luxury is dedicated to creating innovative, superior products that inspire passion and empower hairdressers and colorists to raise the expectations of their own creativity. Hairdresser/colorist-owned companies are more passionate, innovative and are missing in the beauty business today. Leland (Owner) says, “It’s not about just creating a product. It’s about creating, dreaming and inventing what should be that is not; giving hairdressers and colorists the tools to be more successful, to refine our craft while at the same time, increasing our revenue.” Leland is an industry innovator, hair color development expert, creative authority on hair color and member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. He has impacted changes in the hair color industry throughout his career and created a generation of color specialists. He was artistic director and co-founder of the original Haircolor USA and co-founder of Artec Systems Group, a salon owner, and entrepreneur and now he is a co-founder of Celeb Luxury. “My vision has become my life and now my life has become my vision”, Leland says. And after a brief artistic sabbatical, traveling the world, collecting art, “I’m back and on a mission to infuse exceptional new energy into the professional hair color category once again.

Leland’s passion to help others and give back to the community has led his involvement with many charitable causes, including co-founding Hair Cares (supporting hairdressers with AIDS), the American Cancer Society, Humane Society, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, Miami Heat Charitable Fund, and many others.

We carry the entire line of Gemlites and Viral. These colorwash colors are semi-permanent direct dyes. They are intended to add color and hold color. Continuous use adds color and stops visible washout and fade between color services and the conditioners also rebuild the inner structure of your hair and condition! Can’t go wrong with this line.

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Our Clients Love Us!

There's a reason our customers keep coming back, month after month, year after year - we love what we do and it's contagious!

  • I am thrilled we have so many talented professionals so close to home!

    After having Graves diseases in my early 20’s I lost most of my eyebrows and eyelashes. Struggling for many years with makeup and “serums” that magically grow your lashes and brows, I gave up and started to look for a professional to help. After searching for two years I found K Bella Salon in Brighton. Stephanie has been doing my lashes for over a year. She’s amazing! They are perfect every single time! I look forward to my visits with her and that hour and a half goes by so fast. She’s hilarious! Then Kristan hired Nada. I was nervous to have microblading done. It’s not like you can erase it if it’s wrong. After looking at several pictures of her work I decided to do it. I am so happy with my new eyebrows that look so natural! She is so sweet and kind and totally put me at ease. Such a perfectionist! Kristan has cut and colored my hair for several months. This girl knows what she’s doing! I have thick coarse hair that’s extremely hard to cut. The cut and color are perfect every time! Meghan does my nails and I love them! She’s such a sweet girl! I am thrilled we have so many talented professionals so close to home! Thank you, K Bella! Xo Kim~

  • Highly recommend Breanna...

    K Bella is wonderful. Highly recommend Breanna. Great facials and brow wax!

  • I love my new brows...

    I was microbladed at K Bella today and I love my new brows, they were very sufficient with the shape I was going for and I strongly recommend them!!

  • Siobhan listened to what I wanted and never failed to deliver.

    Siobhan Argue cut and styled my hair for years when she lived here in Chicago. ALWAYS professional, and I ALWAYS left as a satisfied customer. Siobhan listened to what I wanted and never failed to deliver. PLUS... she’s simply a kind and caring person. Siobhan has moved on to Michigan. I’m here in Chicago. I miss everything about what she does as a stylist, and who she is as a person.

  • I highly recommend [Abbey] for men's cuts...

    I've been going to Abbey French for a few years now, I highly recommend her for men's cuts. Never gotten a bad cut from her and recently had her shape up (fix) my beard after I messed it up. The shop is always clean and a fun open floor plan environment. Will continue to recommend to friends and family.

  • She listened to what I wanted...

    Love Siobhan! She helped me try something new and did a great job! I like that she listened to what I wanted before she started

  • She did a great job and it looked exactly how I wanted!

    I had a great experience here, Siobhan gave me a hair cut and highlights, she did a great job and it looked exactly how I wanted! I would definitely recommend her, you won’t be disappointed!

  • These two ladies are true artists that are as professional as they are lovely!

    Decided to have my eyebrows shaped and filled in by a process known as Microblading and I could not be more pleased! I had the pleasure of having both Nada and Ryna rehabbing my brows and they are perfect. These two ladies are true artists that are as professional as they are lovely!

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