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Health, Beauty, Sustainability.

Health and wellness.... the core of our being... the key to our happiness. Each day we all work to be our very best. We strive to eat organic foods, exercise our bodies, manage our stress, and care for our skin as we strive towards a more youthful body and mind. Yet, as with everything, we continually learn and find new areas to improve. That's part of the journey, part of the fun of living.

Neuma's collection of exceptional performance, natural, healthy, organic and sustainable hair care products utilize raw materials which above all, do no harm... because like you... we care for the Earth and hair. NEUMA formulas are free of synthetic fragrances and of toxic ingredients, especially those suspected of contributing to human or environmental health problems including: synthetic fragrance, carcinogens, 1,4-dioxane, phthalates, neurotoxins, sulfates, aluminum compounds, paraben preservatives, laureths, glycols, ammonia compounds (DEA, MEA, TEA), chelating agents (EDT), benzyl alcohol, SLS, SLES, ureas (DMDM), synthetic polymers (PVP, Acrylates), synthetic coloring agents (FD&C or D&C), glycols, chemical sunscreens, dioxins, formaldehyde donors, nano-sized particles that penetrate the skin, harmful petrochemicals or environmental pollutants like chlorphenesin, triclosan or polyquaternium-16, that never break down in once introduced to our earths aquatic environment.

Neuma lovingly incorporates essential oils, certified organic plant extracts, essential fatty acids and vegetable proteins into our products so that they treat your hair, and our environment, with kindness and respect. The safe, mild ingredients leave your hair healthy and silky with a radiant shine.

All Neuma formulas feature Sulfate-free shampoos that gently cleanse without stripping the hair of essential oils, Color extending formulas than enhance your color, not strip it away and UV protection, to keep your hair healthy no matter what the season is.

Neuma is about being beautiful... in all the right ways.

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Our Clients Love Us!

There's a reason our customers keep coming back, month after month, year after year - we love what we do and it's contagious!

  • AMAZING place to go and get a spray tan!

    AMAZING place to go and get a spray tan! Breanna Weems did a fantastic job and was super informational about before and after care of the spray tan. It was super easy, quick, and affordable! 10/10 would recommend her for spray tans. P.S., she’s also fantastic at lashes!

  • K Bella is a beautiful full-service salon...

    K Bella is a beautiful full-service salon that provides personable and individualized service. Heidi is amazing. She listens but also offers suggestions and does a fantastic job! She is very knowledgeable about hair and makeup. I always feel good about how I look after a visit to Heidi and K Bella!

  • Heidi does an amazing job on my hair...

    If you like everything done right the first time K Bella is the place for you. Heidi does an amazing job on my hair I wouldn't even think about letting anyone else cut and style my hair. Oh I almost forgot I'm starting to bald on top and she does an amazing job concealing that trouble spot.

  • I am new to K Bella... While I live 45 minutes from the salon, I will be back!

    Since I am new to K Bella I can tell you the overall experience was great and that Heidi is Awesome! She cut and colored my hair better than it's been done in 27 years! While waiting for my color to set I watched her cut (2) men's hair. While both were good cuts, one guy came in to "fix" a cut he'd gotten at another salon. Heidi Did fix it! She asked him how he wanted to wear it. She cut, styled - he walked out of there happy and really well groomed. So much so, I complimented him (and Heidi). While I live 45 minutes from the salon, I will be back! Worth the trip. Thanx Heidi.

  • Great with color and highlights... Very highly recommend!

    Heidi is the best! Always asks about the cut as she goes, making sure to never cut off too much (which is always nice!). Great with color and highlights as well. Very highly recommend!

  • Excellent service and attention to detail...

    I get my lashes done by Stephanie and my hair cut by Kristan. Every experience has been wonderful. The salon is fun, upbeat, not pretentious, just comfortable with excellent service and attention to detail. Highly recommended!

  • I went to other lash salons in the past and was never satisfied...

    Stephanie does my lashes and Jordan does my hair! They are both amazing! I went to other lash salons in the past and was never satisfied - Stephanie is the best around! Jordan is so personable and so talented!

  • Great place, great people and a great owner! Highly recommend!

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