It's your skin. Don't compromise it...

Since 1980, Repechage has been passionate about helping clients achieve beautiful, healthy, skin, hair and body at the finest spas and salons around the world.

We at Repechage are committed to providing the best, most effective products and treatments made with love and passion.

Repechage, meaning "to rescue" or "Second Chance" has created a full range of nutrient-rich seaweed-based skin care products.

Forerunners in sea plant technologies and pioneers in seaweed treatments and cosmetics in the US, Repechage researchers seek out specific seaweeds, beneficial for a range of skin conditions and therapeutic needs. The rich blend of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and anti-oxidants in seaweed makes it the ideal main ingredient for detoxifying, oxygenating, re-balancing, hydrating, anti-aging and renewing benefits.

Our seaweed is harvested from the clean sea waters off the Brittany Coast of France and processed by our proprietary method to deliver all the nutritive benefits from the sea to the skin.

At Repechage, we develop and manufacture every product in the United States at our 50,000 square foot manufacturing, research and development, and training facility located in Secaucus, NJ. We believe in quality control and know every ingredient that goes into our products.

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