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Here at K Bella, we strive to be the best at all of our services. Our eyelash specialists are trained by the best in the business from all over the country. We also offer classes for other cosmetologists looking to sharpen their skills. We can do traditional false eyelashes, which are applied as a single strip and last only a couple of days, permanent eyelash extensions which are individual extensions singularly bonded to each natural lash to create a longer, thicker more glamorous lash look.

Stephanie is our Eyelash Extension Specialist and she's a rockstar!

This is a very popular service and one that we usually have a waitlist for - contact us today at (810) 360-0915 or complete this web form to check on her availability. With our new expansion planning to open in early 2019, we intend to expand on this service offering so we can take on more clients - stay tuned!

  • These are great for the day of a wedding, prom, or just a fun night out! They are applied in minutes and easily removed at home with makeup remover.

    If you want to have long thick lashes for the day, these work great! Our tech uses a special adhesive after your makeup application to give you a full lash finished effect.

    Eyelash extensions create eyelashes that remain on for approximately 2-4 weeks with their natural growth and shedding cycle. To keep the eyelashes full, you must maintain them by refilling monthly. Eyelash extensions are waterproof and give the appearance of having mascara on without the messy clumps and smudging of makeup. Eyelash extensions come in various lengths, colors, and thicknesses, from natural-looking to glamorous, as well as dramatic.

    Every 2-4 weeks come in and fill in your extensions to keep them looking their very best. This will keep them thick and full.

    Mascara is very damaging to the lashes. This service will darken your lashes so you can keep them free of makeup yet still frame your eye giving you a great look every day.

    Eyebrows shape the entire face, don’t forget to make them rich and even in color.

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