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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

We offer a wide variety of hair extensions because there is truly a need for all types.

We have extensions for every client whether they want length, thickness, volume, or color. Specific systems do better on certain hair types and we specialize in them all! We have options for clients based on price, longevity, comfort, texture, and color. Some of our most popular extensions include Hand Tied, Fusion, I-Link, Tape or T- Hair, Sew in, and Weft. More recently, we are seeing Hand tied extensions coming back into style! When we started, we used mostly sew in (aka Hand-tied and Wefts) and throughout the years have moved toward tape, fusion and I tip. Every trend comes back around, which is why we make sure our stylists are trained with the proper techniques for all types.

If you’re trying to decide what type to go with, come in for a free consultation with us today so we can explain what would best fit your budget and lifestyle! Kristan, Jackie, Bobbie, Lizzy, and Sarah all are master extension specialists, so we have you covered. The girls have traveled the world learning and creating techniques for hair extensions. They have studied what makes the hair break and how to place the extensions with the least amount of pressure on the follicle to ensure no damage will occur. If you’re thinking about hair extensions, you couldn’t be in better hands than the K Bella Team.

Get Up to $100 Off Any Hair Extensions

  • Full-head applications will receive $100 off
  • partial heads will receive $50 off

NOTE: Offer only valid with Lizzy - must be a first-time customer, valid through 7/31/2019

  • Fusion, I-Tip, Wigs, Strip Hair, Weft, Hand Tied & T-Hair - We have ways to make the application undetectable. We offer only 100% Remy hair, which means the hair cuticle is facing in the same direction, which prevents tangling and matting. Remy hair allows the blending with your own hair to give the appearance of natural, healthy-looking hair that can match your texture perfectly. We specialize in many nationally known and respected companies including Cinderella, Donna Bella, Luxy, Bellami Hair, Great Lengths, Klicks, Easihair Professional and Pure Hair. Extensions are damage free when they are done properly using only the correct attachment for your hair type.

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