Save On Permanent Makeup Liners By Heidi King

Whether you want your eyes to seem bigger or smaller, permanent eyeliner will enhance your overall look! We implant pigment just outside the lash line based on the client's preference for thickness. This technique will make you appear more awake, bright-eyed, and beautiful! *

We all want to have youthful, healthy, and full lips. Permanent lip color is how you can get them safely. This procedure will give you luscious lips without all of the fillers. We start by using a liner to outline the lips and then shade the color down into the middle to give it a blended and completely filled-in look. You’ll end up with even, luscious lips!

* We cannot perform this service on those who have used Latisse or certain other eye medications up to 6 weeks prior, so please consult with our experts! New clients only, please.

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