K Bella Staff Bios

The K Bella staff are more than just experts with hair! Our stylists and beauty technicians can do it all!

We have brought together a dream team with individual style and diverse backgrounds that offers something for everyone. Our staff of hair stylists, nail technicians, makeup artists, massage therapists, microblade artists, estheticians, and eyelash specialists are ready to pamper you! With extensive knowledge, education, creativity, and individuality, you will get the results you're looking for! Read our staff profiles to learn more about our tight-knit family and what makes us tick.

Kristan Sayers - Owner / Stylist / International Design Artist

Kristan Sayers

Owner / Stylist / International Design Artist

K Bella was started by Kristan in 2019. Her artistic talents include all aspects of hair, but she specializes in precise hair cutting techniques, one-of-a-kind, sleek smoothing treatments, and color applications.

Laura Richardson - Stylist

Laura Richardson


Laura has been with K Bella since the beginning! Her specialty is in cuts, color, and special event styling. She is really good at making the best of any situation. She is wonderful with color corrections and keeping hair healthy.

Heidi Paule - Stylist / Makeup Artist

Heidi Paule

Stylist / Makeup Artist

With over 20 years of experience to offer, Heidi can do your hair and makeup for any special occasion! She also offers makeup classes and mini-touch up services.

Lorri Brown - Stylist

Lorri Brown


Lorri is fantastic with all different kinds of hair services. She is especially talented at bobs and styles that require precise line cutting, her techniques will make you look perfect from every angle.

Stephanie Olson - Eyelash Extension Specialist

Stephanie Olson

Eyelash Extension Specialist

Stephanie has become one of the best eyelash extension technicians in the area, training under local lash artists as well as international Lash Masters, Loreta Jasilionyete (Russia) and Frankie Widows (UK).

Michelle Evangelista - Receptionist

Michelle Evangelista


Michelle’s attention to detail will ensure that you are taken care of from the moment you call to book your appointment until you walk out the door looking and feeling fabulous!

Jackie Lange - Stylist

Jackie Lange


Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or extreme makeover, Jackie will know exactly how to give you that look you want. She has a passion for the art of hair and appreciates all styles.

Heather Hess - Stylist

Heather Hess


Heather has formal style training with the legendary Martin Parsons and is constantly staying on top of the latest trends, product knowledge, cutting techniques and styles!

Rochelle Morris - Stylist

Rochelle Morris


Rochelle places a high value on listening, consulting and respecting her clients. Focusing on the client's needs is the key to her success.

Brittney Holstege - Stylist & Spray Tan Specialist

Brittney Holstege

Stylist & Spray Tan Specialist

Brittney’s favorite thing about the hair industry is that it is constantly changing. She loves to learn about the latest techniques to make sure she is constantly becoming a better stylist.

Meghan Ranville - Esthetician / Nail Technician

Meghan Ranville

Esthetician / Nail Technician

She encourages her clients to try new services and to utilize everything the spa offers. Her honesty and reliability allow her to build trusting relationships with her clients.

Jean Kania - Stylist

Jean Kania


Jean is very interested in fashion and the latest trends. She also loves art and thinks that hair is such an important way to express yourself.

Danielle Hawes - RN / Permanent Cosmetics Artist

Danielle Hawes

RN / Permanent Cosmetics Artist

She attained her permanent makeup certification studying under one of the industry’s pioneer artists. Combining her passions as an RN and a makeup artist was a dream come true.

Angelina Smith - Stylist

Angelina Smith


Angelina is a professional Hair Stylist with 30 years of experience in the industry. Trained at Mr. David’s School of Cosmetology, she received her Michigan State cosmetology license in 1988.

Breanna Weems - Esthetician

Breanna Weems


If you need some brow rehab, she is your go-to girl for getting the best brows possible! Breanna offers a number of other services including face/body waxing and personalized facials.

Nada Toma - Brow & Lash Specialist

Nada Toma

Brow & Lash Specialist

Nada specializes in everything to do with eyebrows. She can help you get the perfect brow by tweezing, waxing, or tinting. She also can do micro-blading, which adds permanent hair-like strokes to help fill in your brows.

Ryna Jonna - Brow Specialist

Ryna Jonna

Brow Specialist

Ryna can help you get the perfect brow shape and tint. She specializes in brow threading, which is a technique that uses thread to help create those amazing arches. It is known to be one of the least painful options in brow shaping.

Lizzy Peters - Apprentice

Lizzy Peters


In 2016, she started her two-year apprenticeship at K Bella studying under the owner, Kristan Sayers. Lizzy has started her apprenticeship full-force and big things are coming her way.

Sarah Butler - Apprentice

Sarah Butler


Sarah has always had a passion for doing hair. She has a very artistic view of things, which makes her such an amazing stylist. She really enjoys this field because there are so many opportunities.

Abbey French - Stylist

Abbey French


Abbey specializes in both men and women’s cuts and styles. Her number one priority is always to make sure her client experience is superior and that she is delivering the best quality hair possible!

Siobhan Argue - Stylist

Siobhan Argue


Siobhan specializes in color styling and extensions. She loves to make each client feel beautiful inside and out. She is a stylist that is willing to take the time to listen to what you want to make sure you leave happy!

Alyssa Faulkner - Apprentice

Alyssa Faulkner


Alyssa Faulkner is our newest apprentice! She graduated from South Lyon East High School in 2018 and began her K Bella journey later that year in November.

Heidi King - Permanent Cosmetics & Piercing

Heidi King

Permanent Cosmetics & Piercing

Heidi provides permanent cosmetic and piercing services here at K Bella! Heidi tries to gain as much knowledge about her profession as she can, to make sure that you receive the highest quality service.

Raquel Vettese - Stylist

Raquel Vettese


Raquel enjoys all aspects of being a hairstylist but specializes in color and highlights for women. She has even taken color classes through Tutto Hair Color, Lanza Color, and L’Oreal!